Posted by: jennyhuang20 | August 3, 2009

Week 2: RSS and Personalized homepages

During the learning 2.0 program last year, I have use RSS to feed my favorite websites in the Blogline and Google Reader.  This year, I try to find out any studies about comparison for both sites. I found Whitney Hess’s website is very interesting (  The author try to evaluation of the usability for both sites, she lists the functions on: Sign up, Start page, importing subscriptions, searching for new feeds, Reading posts, saving and sharing posts, Managing subscriptions, Settings and Mobile access. The interesting finding is Google Reader win 6 of 9 while Blogline gain 3 of them, e.g. Importing subscriptions, searching for new feeds and sharing posts.   I am interested about the importing subscriptions, but I have not done it very well.

After one year practice, I found using Google reader is suitable to me, because I have a Google email account, I can read those pages while I login on the email everyday.  One thing I have learned is that we have to organize the subscription very well; otherwise, it is not easy to read them all even they are in one place.  

RSS is the simplest / quickest way to collect information, but if you have too many subscriptions, then RSS works so hard, that is collecting everything quickly but you just can’t read them all by end of the day!

I have tried personalize home page at IGoogle; the start page from IGoogle is fully meet my information needs.

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